Big Ideas Small Business Podcast Events Rock! And here's how to Rock Them to Grow Your Business

Events Rock! And here’s how to Rock Them to Grow Your Business

BISB Episode 008: Events rock!! And here’s how to rock them to grow your #business. Laura and Brian walk you through the steps of hosting a successful business event including planning, marketing, hosting, and followup. We’ll also introduce Dan Kennedy and his book “No B.S. Direct Marketing: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Kick Butt Take No[…]

Big Ideas Small Business Podcast

Make Your Website Sexy to your Customers

Episode 007: Have you ever gotten dressed up super sharp for a hot date? 😝😝 That’s what we do, right? We want to look our best and make a good first impression! Well, the same goes for our customers! We want to put our best foot forward! And part of that is having a professional, mobile-friendly, customer-centric #website! Today Brian[…]

Big Ideas Small Business Podcast

What does The Cinderella Story have to do with business?

BISB Episode 006: People buy experiences, and results – the happily ever after! Today Brian and Laura will discuss the “Statement of Value,” and how to craft one for your business! We will also look at Digital Marketing HQ Online Marketing courses and the book Digital Marketing for Dummies.

Big Ideas Small Business Podcast

Are You Crazy Enough To Start a Business?

BISB Episode 005: Today Laura and Brian are talking about that moment when we realize we were crazy enough to start a business… What is it that makes us decide to take the plunge, and take that risk? What do we take into consideration? Is it methodical, or impulsive? We’ll also discuss Infusionsoft, the marketing automation and[…]