Episode 032: Be inspired by the passion and energy that our podcast guest Jonathan Horton puts into everything.

We discuss how being a professional athlete is similar to being an entrepreneur. Jonathan had to reinvent himself once the sponsorships dried up after retirement from gymnastics in 2016. He has been executing on a strategy to create multiple income streams including a mobile Ninja Warrior course business, color commentating on TV, pubic appearances and speaking, a clothing appeal line, and authoring two books to name a few ventures he is involved in.

Jonathan’s impressive career includes:
🏅🏅 2-Time Olympic Medalist
🏆 World champion for 🇺🇸 Team USA
🏆NCAA champion gymnast
🤸‍♂️American Ninja Warrior competitor
🎤 NBC Sports Commentator
👨‍⚖️businessman. •••• 🎧Find the full episode on iTunes, google play, stitcher, YouTube, link in Bio, or wherever you get your podcasts 🎧

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